This is such a lovely creative activity and the perfect way to get some more Christmas sparkle into your life…making that Christmas gift even more personal.

what you need…gift-wrap

  • roll of brown paper
  • scissors
  • Christmas shape cookie cutters
  • silver paint
  • glitter

what to do…

  1. cut out large squares from your brown paper roll
  2. press your Christmas shape into the paint
  3. press the paint covered shape down onto the brown paper
  4. repeat several times
  5. sprinkle glitter over the wet paint
  6. leave to dry
  7. your wrapping paper is ready to wrap!!! (accompany with the gift tags in previous blog post)

into a little dream adventure…

  • pour the unused glitter onto a large plate or tray, allow your child to explore the glitter – depending on age there is so mgift-tags3uch to explore here
  • for very young children, allow them the sensorial experience of feeling the glitter
  • for a young child they may want to draw shapes, spirals, pictures in the glitter, you could theme this, ‘Christmas’ for example
  • for the slightly older child, they could use this opportunity to draw letter shapes in the glitter or numbers
  • fun game – with letters: asking your child to draw the initial sound to a word you say, keeping it simple and to a theme such as animals – with numbers: count out some Christmas ball balls, changing each time and getting them to write the new number in the glitter, or adding and subtracting the ball balls and writing the answer in the glitter
  • for a more free style activity, add lego men/vehicles/animals to the glitter tray and allow your child to use their imagination to create stories through role play with the characters…the glitter may add that extra magic to their ideas!!!