Have you ever loved a rose? with musical script confetti cones,filled with dried rose petals for a lovely celebration of love…

what you need…

  • dried roses
  • A4 photocopied music script
  • scissors
  • sellotape

what to do…

  1. peal away the petals from the stems of the dried roses and place to one side
  2. take your A4 music sheets and cut or tear down the centre, creating two A5 sheets – continue making as many as needed
  3. from one corner of an A5 sheet roll over into a point and continue rolling so to create a cone shape
  4. secure the cone by fastening sellotape
  5. fill the cone with the dried rose petals
  6. enjoy

into a little dream adventure…

  • there are plenty of other flowers you can use to dry and then continue to use their petals for confetti, maybe collect a selection – do some flowers dry better than others?
  • simple mathematics – counting the petals into the cones – how many petals fill each cone, how many petals if you add two cones together?
  • ‘ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of posies….’ finding nursery rhymes and poems
  • drying flower petals and creating pot pourri by adding more scented like lavender