I absolutely love spring bulbs, and planting and arranging them can be so much fun, and such a lovely creative experience for both adult and child.

what you need…

  • spring bulbs
  • tea cups
  • flower pots
  • empty clean jam jars
  • vases
  • water
  • soil
  • moss

what to do…

  1. depending on whether you are wanting to display the bulb through the glass jar/vase or flowerpot/tea cup will depend whether you decide to display in soil or bulb and roots exposed
  2. my personal favourite is to plant in soil if planting up in a tea cup/flower pot and leave exposed if using glass jar or glass vase
  3. take your bulbs, being delicate with the roots and place into chosen container, add soil, and press moss gently on top or leave exposed
  4. place in a light place inside the home, and water often…watch the bulb create a stem, bud and flower..and one of the best things about most spring bulbs is the smell – so fresh, new and hopeful

into a little dream adventure…

  • looking at spring bulbs and flowers, how many can you find on your walks, in the garden, at the garden centre?
  • a spring bulb flower is the perfect sensory experience – what colours can you see? do you like the smell? how do the petals differ from one another? which is your favourite spring flower?
  • drawing a still life from nature with water colours – looking at shape, colour blends, structure…plenty of opportunity of mathematical language to be used here, height, shape, length, small, big, little, large, how many etc
  • writing a list of all the spring bulbs and matching magazine cuttings of various spring flowers to the words. To extend that by drawing your own impression of the flower