what you need…

  • A4 card folded in half
  • cut out card heart shape
  • blue tak
  • pencil with rubber on the end
  • pink, white and red paints

what to do…

  1. blue tak the cut out heart to the front of your card
  2. with your pencil, using the rubber end, dip it into the paint and print, repeatedly, using the different coloured paint, around the edge of the heart shape
  3. peal away the card heart which will leave you with the printed heart outline
  4. allow to dry

into a little dream adventure…

  • this could be done with different shapes and colours depending on the theme or occasion
  • with you child ask them what they would like to write inside their card, depending on their writing ability, allow them to explore letter formation and sounds
  • together, talk about the person they want to send their card too and why they love them and what they think love is
  • maybe find a peom, or write a peom with your child to put inside the card – children love rhyme, and exploring rhyming words