what you need…

  • red and pink card
  • scissors
  • strip of card for the head band, long enough to wrap around a child’s head
  • glue
  • stapler

what to do…

  1. cut out a variety of different sized hearts, of different coloured reds and pinks
  2. using the glue, stick the hearts down onto the head band
  3. once dry, wrap the heart crown around the child’s head and fasten the band with a stapler

into a little dream adventure…

  • this concept can be applied to all sorts of different shapes – maybe try stars at Christmas time, or flowers in spring, or freestyle collage to create something truly unique
  • if your child is capable with child size scissors, draw a straight line along a large piece of card and ask them to cut along it to create their own headband
  • again you can vary this idea, and draw a zig zag line for them to cut along to create more of a crown