what you need…

  • pink paper or card hearts cut out
  • white paint
  • washing up liquid
  • water
  • straw
  • bowl

what you do…

  1. mix the white paint and washing up liquid with a bit of water in the bowl
  2. with the straw blow the bubbles, add more white paint if not coloured enough and too watery
  3. once the bubbles have risen, place a paper cut out heart on top of the bubbles and press gently down
  4. remove the heart from the bubbles and leave to dry
  5. repeat

then into a little dream adventure…

  • punch holes through the hearts and attach together with ribbon to make a Valentine heart paper bunting, this could also be done with other shapes too for other occasions
  • simple mathematics can be created here with the decorated hearts…line them up, count, add, subtract
  • create a collage with the hearts
  • see if you and your child can come up with a list of words that describe the activity, or a list of words that reminds them of love