This is a story I have longed to write, as sometimes I feel at Christmas time we always strive for the best… needing the best, wanting the best, creating the best, when actually if you open your eyes and accept the things that aren’t completely perfect, they are almost the things we cherish and love the most.

This is a short children’s story about Christmas and choice and how sometimes not being perfect is all that is needed for happiness.

On a dark snowy cold night one Christmas eve, when all was quiet. The moon shone bright, down the lane, upon the Christmas tree stall.

The rush of last minute shoppers had all calmed down, to quiet, calm.

Not a sound, or a scurry, or a whisper could be heard. The Christmas tree stall, once a place of hustle and bustle, of joy and excitement, was merely a cold deserted yard, with a few flickering fairy lights and a single tree, left, propped up by the fence, that no one had wanted, no one had brought.

Potential passers by┬ásaying ‘its too tall’ ‘its too short’ ‘its not bushy’ ‘the shape isn’t right’ ‘the needles are falling.’ This Christmas tree was alone, and could make no Christmas wishes come true. Left lonely and sad, ready to embark Christmas on its own.

But what was that? a little dog…a little dog, passed by.

The poor little dog, was alone, cold and hungry. She had no home to go too, she had no owner to cuddle with on this Christmas eve.

The little dog was sad, and stopped, and looked up at the lights flickering in the dark.

There in the moonlight, propped up against the fence was the forgotten Christmas tree that nobody wanted.

The little dog, walked up to the Christmas tree, and decided to lie, snuggled in the low branches, for shelter for the night.

As the sun rose the next morning and the frost glistened on the village green. Church bells rang in the distance and families began to gather, children laughed in the lane with the excitement of Christmas day.

There was a warm glow in the Christmas tree stall that morning. The little dog had given birth to her puppies that evening, under the branches of the Christmas tree. For that little dog, the forgotten lonely Christmas tree meant everything.

It may not have been perfect but for the little dog, it had been the most beautiful home and shelter she could have ever wished for.

The little dogs Christmas wishes had come true.