Smoothies are always a success in our household, not only are they refreshing but its a good yet simple way of getting all that yummy fruit and goodness into your little one, which can be well disguised with fruits they love.

what you need…

  • milk
  • banana
  • handful of berries
  • blender
  • cup or bottle

what to do…

  1. add the milk into a jug, followed by the fruit and blend
  2. pour into a cup or bottle
  3. add ice if need be
  4. enjoy!!!

into a little dream adventure…

  • it goes without saying the possibilities for smoothies are endless
  • try adding a handful of spinach or kale or avocado, trying to squeeze in some of those super foods along the way
  • freeze the smoothie mixture, in ice lolly moulds for an even more refreshing option
  • remove the milk and go for a juice option, this could also be frozen