These gorgeous watermelon hearts are a doddle to make and refreshingly yummy to eat, making them the perfect healthy treat this Valentines.

what you need…

  • small watermelon
  • heart cookie cutter
  • sharp knife (for adult use only!!!)

what to do…

  1. as a very sharp knife will need to be used to slice the watermelon, please ensure an adult does this!!!!
  2. slice the watermelon in half and then into thick 1cm or 2 cm slices
  3. using the heart cutter push it into the flesh of the watermelon
  4. remove the heart watermelon shape and enjoy!!!!

into a little dream adventure…

  • continue to use up all the watermelon this way and then count, with your child how many hearts they have created
  • this could be popped on the end of a kebab stick or straw to make a really striking nibble for a party
  • the perfect lunchbox treat or healthy snack…maybe try using other shaped cookie cutters for a variation or even other melons
  • which is your child’s favourite melon? talk about the texture and taste of a the melon? where do melons grow?