This is such a fun activity, and the outcome is deliciously sweet and yummy and looks fab too!!!

what you need…

  • marshmallows (we found some heart shaped ones!!!)
  • icing
  • sprinkles or different colours
  • straws or kebab sticks or cocktail sticks
  • 3 small bowls

what to do…

  1. push the marshmallow onto the end of the straw
  2. make the icing in one bowl and add the sprikles into the others
  3. dip the marshmallow into the icing, and then into the sprinkles
  4. leave to allow the icing to harden
  5. make some more!!!

into a little dream adventure…

  • play around with all the various marshmallow shapes and sizes
  • instead of icing you could use melted chocolate, and fruit instead of marshmallows
  • count all that you have made and then play a simple subtraction game, by eating one and seeing how many you have left