I love Mother’s Day, a special day just for me….and, of course remembering all those awesome Mother’s out there who have been overwhelmed with the love a child gives you. It’s the perfect time to stop and think and believe in what a totally incredible job it is that we do!!!! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day all you incredible ladies reading this…and for the Dad’s, quick sticks, now it’s your turn to get creative with you little ones.

what you need…

  • A4 card
  • patterned card
  • ribbon
  • craft glue
  • pen

what to do…

  1. fold your A4 card in half
  2. cut the patterned card into mini triangles
  3. using the glue, glue down the ribbon and tie a knot or bow at both ends
  4. then glue the triangles along the ribbon, creating a bunting effect
  5. trace out the words to ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and assist your child, if need be, to write over the letters…if they don’t need to trace over then allow them to write themselves, helping them listen out for the letter sounds
  6. inside the card ask your child what special message they would like to write to their mummy, they may or may not require assistance with this, and of course allow them to sign the card

into a little dream adventure…

  • Mother’s Day can inspire lots of topical conversation: maybe ask your child to think of all the things they love about their mummy, write a descriptive list and use the words to help them create a lovely poem
  • what do they think their mummy loves doing the most…maybe letting the children decide how they would like to spoil their mummy on Mother’s Day (within reason!!!)
  • what do they think their mummy loves about them!!!!
  • Have a look at the gorgeous things some of the boutiques listed on the directory have to offer for the mummy’s in our life in the ‘dreams for you category’