With glimmers of the spring sunshine on our faces and the pinks of delicate blossom dancing in our sight, inspiration is creeping in as we know that the promise of brighter days lie ahead. Allow your child to explore this sweet little creative idea, that quite simply there is no wrong way to go as whatever the effect it will look gorgeous.

what you need…

  • brown crayon
  • card
  • pink/white paint
  • old small empty water/drink bottle with a patterned bottom

what to do…

  1. allow the child to draw branches across their piece of card
  2. create a selection of white and pink paints
  3. using the plastic bottle dip its bottom, it into the paint and continue to print onto the paper around the brown drawn branches

into a little dream adventure…

  • your child may wish to explore the paint with their fingers in which case you can also make a gorgeous blossom picture using the same idea but with finger prints rather than the bottle
  • you could also scrunch up pink and white tissue paper to create another blossom effect
  • take your child for a walk along the streets, or through the meadows and see how may blossom trees you can see??? count them and take photos of them to look at when you get home
  • if you are lucky enough to have some blossom trees in your garden, maybe cut a few branches to place in a tall vase at home
  • talk about the pink of the petals – what colours do you combine to create pink??? maybe talk about mixing other colours…what you need to make a variety of colours and play around with paints to achieve these.