Autumn walks, through mountains of leaves is what every childhood should be made of…i think one of may favourite things is to watch the colours of Autumn take over our countryside and fill our land with beautiful reds,oranges and yellows. It is such a spectacle and one I immediately believe children should be a part of in some way. The most obvious being, collecting all the crisp and colourful leaves along the way…we then created these sweet little Autumnal hedgehogs from the kitchen table.

what you need…

  • leaves
  • runny glue
  • pencil
  • paper

what to do…

  1. collect a whole host of beautiful Autumn leaves from the garden, park or on your walk
  2. using the drier ones, as they will stick better with the glue
  3. place them on the table and continue to draw the outline of a hedgehog on the piece of paper
  4. then one by one, glue the leaves around and inside the outline of the hedgehog
  5. allow to dry

into a little dream adventure…

  • collecting leaves, and sorting them into the different varieties – what tree does each leaf belong too? make a lovely poster, gluing one leaf from each tree and write the name of that tree underneath, you could then laminate this and hang, or frame and hang – a lasting memory of Autumnal finds and a really good way of learning the different tree types and recognition by leaf shape
  • creating leaf collages – counting the leaves, how many do you have? simple addition and subtraction using the leaves
  • make a leaf rainbow – find leaves of similar colours and create a semi circle, then continue making another semi circle above of similar shades of leaves, continue until you have a gorgeous rainbow display of leaves
  • make a leaf garland, threading leaves with ribbon, wool or string through leaves and hang up in the house to dry