A beautiful craft activity, using fir cones found in woodland walks and lots of gorgeous glitter and sequins.

What you need…

  • collection of fir cones
  • ribbon or string
  • runny glue
  • glitter
  • sequins
  • plate
  • scissors

What to do…

  1. roll your fir cone in the runny glue
  2. then roll your fir cone in the glitter
  3. then roll your fir cone in the sequins
  4. leave your fir cone to dry on a plate
  5. once dried cut your ribbon and tie to the top of the fir cone
  6. place on the Christmas tree and see it sparkle

Into a little dream adventure…

  • on your nature walk see how many different types of Fir Trees you can come across? how many different shapes and sizes of fir cones can you collect – use descriptive mathematical language to determine whether your fir cone is long, short, wide, narrow, fat, thin…maybe once home you could get a ruler or measuring tape and measure the length and width of each fir cone, practising reading off a ruler or measuring tape and copying the numbers down
  • paint your fir cones – either using paint pot and brush or have you tried chalk pens? these leave a really lovely block colour to the fir cone and come in lots of different colours, may favourite being the neon, making patterns around your fir cone
  • using simple mathematics, counting how many fir cones you have – dividing them up into the different categories depending on height, width, size, type etc. Or making simple sums in addition or subtraction, using the fir cones to help you in the process. Write out the sum, encouraging the formation of the number symbol relating the the quantity
  • another gorgeous activity is making a fir cone wreath, for this you would need to pre buy a branch wreath or make using willow, wrap florists wire around the bottom of the fir cone and thread through the willow branches, bending wire to secure