My boys always love finding sticks and branches and foraging for things when we go out for walks. Recently we found some gorgeously smooth driftwood branches, it just so happened i had some string in my bag!!! ( as you do!!!) so we set about making very simple fishing rods for fun!!! we tied little rocks on the end of ours, so quite obviously we weren’t going to be catching any fish, it was more for role play purposes!!! you could i suppose go one step further and find a little fishing hook and bait but this would very much need to be under adult supervision.

what you need…

  • stick
  • string
  • rock

what to do…

  1. be sure the stick is free from splinters and sharp edges
  2. tie the string to one end
  3. and then tie a rock to the other to weigh it down in the water
  4. explore, and see how your child interprets this prop in a role play environment

into a little dream adventure…

  • exploring the world around you can bring up lots of fabulous ideas using natural findings
  • encourage your child to explore their surrounding whilst walking, depending on your whereabouts there are always a great selection of fun things to make and create – pebble sculptures using different sized pebbles on the beach, or a bow and arrow form twigs broken off branches, or a teepee made out of branches, a simple sandcastle, a catapult, or even stickman!!! the opportunities are endles, and can go on to promote amazing creativity within a child, developing their imagination and social skills through role play with others!!!