So simple but yet so pretty…a very easy way to create a lovely eucalyptus wreath

what you need…

  • eucalyptus stems
  • metal clothes hanger
  • florists wire or gardening twine

what to do…

  1. shape the clothes hanger to a circle shape, or whatever shape you like really, if you can manipulate it into a star shape this looks lovely, especially during the festive period
  2. wrap the eucalyptus stems around the clothes hanger wire and if you feel it needs securing do so with the gardening twine or florists wire
  3. continue until you have covered the frame, and hang in the house to appreciate the beauty and gorgeous eucalyptus scent

into a little dream adventure…

  • using a clothes hanger as a frame can give you the starting point for lots of crafty ideas – mobiles, a variation of wreaths, wall hangings, dream catchers
  • another idea is to use you clothes hanger as a threading exercise for a child using beads, or tying ribbons around the hanger, to make a more unique clothes hanger for your wardrobe
  • talk about the shape of the wreath you have created with your child – looking at shapes in general, what shapes can they see and find in their environment, can they match two of the same shapes together, giving them a shape and asking them to go on a treasure hunt around the house to find the similar shape