…dear eucalyptus, you may be simple but to me you are the most beautiful, so i choose you to be my inspiration for January..

I hope you have as much fun exploring these eucalyptus inspired blogs as we have creating them for you and your child to explore.

what you need…

  • eucalyptus
  • scissors
  • empty clear bottles
  • jug
  • water
  • candle
  • matches (must be used under adult supervision)

what to do…

  1. fill a small jug with water and allow your child to enjoy this simple pouring activity
  2. pour water into each bottle
  3. cut the eucalyptus stems to desired length, ideally the height of the bottle
  4. place each cut eucalyptus stem in each bottle
  5. place a candle on each bottle
  6. light a candle and make a wish….

into a little dream adventure…

  • explore other plants that would work in the bottles – we like using rosemary, or a cutting from a fir tree – waxy stems work better
  • if your child enjoys pouring water into containers, maybe place different size bottle, jars, funnels onto a tray and allow the child to explore – maybe adding bubbles to the water, or food colouring to make it more exciting!!! If it feels too early to give your child water, maybe opt for dried pulses to allow them to explore pouring into bowls, and transferring back again. All these sills are the fundamental basis for hand eye co-ordination and concentration
  • to extend the above activity, maybe allow your child to write tags for each candle holder, naming the stem that has been inserted into the bottle – these would then make lovely gifts