Love this gorgeous little activity…so easily could be thought of as something an adult should be in control of, but with this beautiful activity allow your little one the opportunity and the freedom to create their very own lovely summer posie’s. They can’t really go wrong, and its a fabulous opportunity for them to explore a whole range of learning objectives, from pouring, to hand eye coordination, cutting with scissors, ┬ácounting, arranging, selecting, transferring…

what you need…

  • glass jars or bottles or vases
  • water
  • mini watering can or jug
  • a selection of fresh flowers
  • gardening twine (optional)
  • scissors

what to do…

  1. fill up your mini watering can or jug with water
  2. allow your child to pour in the water to the bottles/jars/vases you have provided
  3. encourage your child to use the scissors (i use child size scissors as the are easier and blunter for the child!!!) take your bunches of flowers and trim them down at the ends by using the scissors
  4. if you are wanting to tie the little bunches together prepare your gardening twine by cutting a few lengths, again encourage your child to use the scissors
  5. choose the flowers they wish to use in their posie
  6. gather them into a little bouquet, and if need be wrap the gardening twin around the stems to secure
  7. trim the stems to a similar length
  8. place in the water in the jars provided
  9. one very pretty flower arrangement!!!
  10. keep going and make 2 or 3, or how ever many you like!!! they will look so pretty dotted along the kitchen table or about the house

into a little dream adventure…

  • go into the garden and see what flowers are out…encourage discussion through open ended conversation – colours? smells? delicate? tall? short?
  • what colours would they like to use in their posies? looking at colour recognition, and how the colours of the flowers make them feel
  • how many flowers do they want in each posie? count out the flowers, maybe some jars can hold more flowers and some hold less? look at the finished posies, can they tell you which has more and which has less flowers? looking at measurement in a different dimension
  • who would they like to give their posies too? it there someone special they would like to offer it too, or is it someones birthday, they could offer it as a gift? or even as a thank you offering? maybe write a little luggage tag the name of the person they would like to share this gift with, encourage them to write the name, listening out for the letter sounds from beginning through to end