A very simple and seasonal art activity…fun and can’t really go wrong!!! lovely to do in the garden on a sunny summers day amongst the flowers!!! Best to choose flowers with relatively strong stems, and cut down to about 5 inch’s long and a wide flower head as they make for a better print effect. Fern leaves are also brilliant for this see our Fern Leaf Printing Blog for inspiration also.

what you need…

  • a selection of Gerber daisies
  • paint colours of your choice
  • card folded in half
  • pen/crayon/pencil

what to do…

  • take your Gerber daisies and cut the stems to roughly 3-5 inches long
  • lay your A4 card out
  • dip the daisies into the paint colours and print onto the card
  • allow the card to dry and then fold in half
  • write inside the card a special message for Daddy

into a little dream adventure…

  • take a walk around the garden to see what other flowers or leaves your child would like to use to print
  • maybe lay a really large piece of card/paper on the floor or outside in the garden and allow your child/children to cover the whole thing in a selection of flowers, be sure to use only 3 different colours of paint and preferably one being a white as this can all to easily end up as a brown mess if too many colours are mixed together…but the overall effect could be really beautiful and replicate that of a summer meadow
  • allowing your child to really spread out on the floor or garden and explore this activity on a bigger scale might increase their concentration with the ability to use their gross motor skills, maybe play some relaxing music too and allow them to absorb into the activity