This activity turned out to be so much more effective than at first I thought it would be, not only did my kiddies love it but was amazed at how messing around with black oil pastels, creating strong markings on paper, to then delicately paint over with a variety of water colours produced such a fabulous effect.

What you need…

  • large piece of paper
  • water colours
  • paintbrush
  • glass of water
  • black oil pastel

what to do…

  1. allow your child to draw free style with a variety of black oil pastel markings across their paper
  2. let your child choose freely how they would like to use the water colours, the strokes they take on and which colours they want to use…
  3. allow to dry and frame!!! this without a doubt will look like a very effective piece of modern art!!!

into a little dream adventure…

  • have you ever thought that some of the creative art your children create resembles that similar to some of the more famous abstract artists…take a peak at some of the abstract art books at the library or google some of the more popular artists, for example Picasso or Miro or Matisse and scroll through their images, allowing your child to comment on what they see, and how they interpret the art themselves, which colours and forms they admire
  • another idea is cutting up different shapes in different shades of paper, and to create a collage effect of random shapes or even see if they can form faces or figures
  • taking another blank piece of paper and exploring different marking and strokes using the water colour paint – how does using water colour paint differ to using poster paint, or finger paint?