Clea Silk

Clea Silk is my middle name and my surname, married one, as my maiden name was Strong I felt this had a better feel to it.

I have always loved jewellery, I am a complete magpie and love all that glitters…For me it is all about the accessories, scarfs and primarily jewellery, the joy being one size fits all. As I got older I often would get comments about pieces I was wearing and where I got them from. I thought maybe I could do something with this…

I was quite naive at the start and I first began with the idea of finding designers abroad to sell in one place so headed over to a trade show in Bangkok, it was quite overwhelming to say the least but I sourced some beautiful silver from Chaing Mai and a designer from Japan but there were also designs that I wanted to make myself  so I found a lovely jeweller in the UK to help me have these made in London. I was working in events full time so I began by having private sales and doing fairs and as I got a better understanding I realised there was a lot of it I could do myself so I learnt how to do the wire work. I built the website and then had my first little girl! I went back to work for a year when my daughter was a year old and then decided I should give jewellery design a go full time, it seemed the natural course to have more flexibility and to ultimately do something I love.

Have you seen….