Maude Made

Maude makes and designs clothes, inspired by folk traditions, the pastoral idyl, milkmaids, peasants, fairies, Victorian nursery maids; nostalgia for a vanished rural world. She encourages a scrubbed simple beauty, innocence, discipline and naturalness. She makes clothes for women to look sweet, feel good and to be able to do practical things in; climb ladders, ride bicycles and look after the home, the woman’s sphere. Her creations are ageless, timeless and classic. She hopes her dresses will be worn year after year, treasured, and  passed down to one’s children. They are anti fashion, industrialisation, mass production and disposable consumerism. Supporting traditional Indian craftsmanship; wood block printing, hand carving  and natural dying with indigo and madder, her fabrics have a unique beauty not found in mass production. Her designs do not claim to be original or better than that which has already been thought of, but she hopes to produce a new version of the past and reopen people’s eyes to what has been forgotten.

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